Creating Calm Through Chaos

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Wellness With Nat

Creating Calm Through Chaos

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Wellness With Nat

Creating Calm Through Chaos

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Are you still feeling the stress and anxiety from the roller-coaster ride that is Covid in Australia?


You’re not alone.



Even though restrictions are easing, we are feeling even more anxiety and stress while we navigate our way back into the community after being told to stay in our own safe space for so long.


In fact, professionals have coined the phrase RE-ENTRY ANXIETY to describe exactly what is happening to so many people all over the world as they come out of lockdown restrictions and try to get back to a some-what normal life.


As a mindfulness and metaphysics coach, I can see how, if left unresolved, stress and overwhelm builds up and starts to take a toll on not only your mind, but your health and wellbeing as well.



This inspired me to create this FREE and interactive Masterclass where I:

  • talk about re-entry anxiety and how that might be showing up for you

  • reveal the hidden effects of stress on your body and

  • inspire you to find a sense of balance and calm and regain clarity during these chaotic times.

I attended this Masterclass with Nat and gained so much from the experience.

The exercises that we completed in the Masterclass helped ease my chronic neck pain and the effect lasted a couple of days! It was so amazing.


Nat was very generous in sharing her tools and skills to assist me in practicing mindfulness moving forward.


I came away from the Masterclass with renewed energy around my practice and greater understanding on my path.


Her gentle and compassionate manner is combined with her wonderful humour that makes the whole process so approachable and attainable for me.


I look forward to working with Nat more through one of her programs so I can enjoy more of her gentle guidance and wisdom.

Nicky R

Meet your host


I'm Nat


For over 6 years I have immersed my life in a world of mindfulness and meditation to reduce my stress and enable me to live an active and fulfilling life, even while I was losing vision and experiencing chronic pain.

More recently, with the long three months of lockdown here in Greater Sydney and even with the gentle re-opening of the community, even as a mindfulness expert, I'm feeling the stress too.


I've lost a lot of work because of lockdown restrictions and experienced poor health during winter and felt the pain of not being able to just get on a plane and go to my family for support and respite. 


I'm also feeling the nervousness and apprehension that others are feeling about how to integrate back into society with this contagious virus. 


So that's a bit of how I'm feeling now, but where did it all start for me?

In 2015 I faced the devastating prospect of going blind from a degenerative eye disease – the catalyst that ignited my personal journey to explore techniques to help manage my anxiety around this life-changing situation.


By 2017 my vision had slowly started to be restored through surgery and I thought that I was handling the stress and pressure of adapting to life with low vision ... but I wasn't....


All of the stress, overwhelm and tears that I had been feeling for so long all built up and led to a crechendo. The stress triggered the shingles virus and the vision I had restored from the corneal transplant was taken away from me.


I was left with very poor vision and by 2018 I had to relinquish that the only form of independence I was going to get was to learn how to use a blind cane.


In this Masterclass I share more about this experience to help inspire you to regain control of your emotions and wellbeing once more.


Whilst my hope was to live a fulfilling life despite my disability and chronic pain, mindfulness proved so powerful that four years later my vision was miraculously restored with surgery and a real lot of internal-work on myself.


Today I share the very mindfulness and metaphysics techniques that have allowed me to create a life I love, whilst still living with the chronic pain associated with surgery and studying to change careers from a public servant to a mindfulness coach.


Including my Signature ‘Mindfulness in Action’ approach, which teaches busy, multi-passionate women tools to create an instant sense of calm amongst the chaos of modern life, enabling them to create a happy and fulfilling life (even if they have no time to sit and meditate).


I'm excited to share this Masterclass with you to help you be more resilient and find your calm amongst the chaos of life right now.

Much love


- Nat xo

This Masterclass IS for you if:

You want to learn

more about re-entry anxiety and how that is showing up in the community AND what you can do about it.

You want to regain

clarity and focus to help with once normal things like returning to work, visiting large shopping centres or gathering in large groups.

You need some inspiration

to find your inner sense of calm and balance without having to sit and meditate for 30 minutes.

You are intrigued

about the hidden effects that stress can cause your body and how you can slow it down.

You're a busy, multi-tasking woman

who wants to bring a sense of balance and calm to the overwhelm and pressures of your chaotic day.

You're worried about Christmas

and if you’ll be able to connect with your precious loved ones.

Join me in this live and FREE masterclass

I was inspired to build this Creating Calm Through Chaos Masterclass to share my knowledge and techniques of mindfulness to help those who are experiencing ever increasing stress.


This Masterclass is focused on revealing the hidden effects of stress on your body and inspires you to find your sense of calm and regain clarity during these chaotic times. 


As Covid affects us all in different ways, I'm tailoring the Masterclass to address the issues that are causing you stress right now. Simply tell me what they are in your registration form. 


Simply click the button below to reserve your online seat, add your information and you can select one of the available times that suits you!


Saturday 30 October at 2pm

Wednesday 3 November at 12pm

Saturday 6 November at 2pm


(All times are Sydney time)



*I also provide FREE bonuses to those that join me in the masterclass :) 

Hear from those that have found benefits from the Masterclass too:

Experiencing the Creating Calm Through Chaos Masterclass with Natalie, woke up parts of my mind that I'm sure had been asleep.


Like millions of others, we know that staying calm can help our bodies respond to a clear mind. Meditations, affirmations, mindful eating ( instead of having a big delicious donut), a walk down the street/paddock, all do us a world of good. Calm mind = healthy body, or helping with chronic illnesses. I have seen & felt changes in my own body.


Natalie is a wonderful leader for the group, sharing experiences of her own & how she worked through them. That alone, is a huge help to others who have not started, or don't know how to go about it.


Love & Hugs to you Nat - you are making a difference in this chaotic world we live in.

- Gayle A.

Masterclass attendee

What a great master class focusing on mindfulness  and being present. I love hearing about Nat's personal journey and found her to be filled with positivity and compassion.


Natalie's program was easy to follow and relaxing. I really wish I lived closer to be able to enjoy her early morning beach meditation too. What a treat.


Anyone who is in need of grounding and support  will find this very calming and I highly recommend it for all ages.

- Claudine R.

Masterclass attendee

I did your masterclass in Creating Calm through Chaos and just wanted to say that your personable style really made me feel included and comfortable right from the start and your passion for what you do is obvious and contagious.


As a bit of a sceptic, I loved the way you backed up your mindfulness teachings with science. Thanks so much.

- Jeff N.

Masterclass attendee

More about Nat


Nat Mallia is a certified Mindfulness and Metaphysics coach who empowers busy professionals to bring a sense of balance and calm to the overwhelm and pressures of their day.


Her signature ‘Mindfulness in Action’ approach teaches busy, multi-tasking women how to use these tools to create an instant sense of calm amongst the chaos of modern life (even if they have no time to sit and meditate).


Nat also loves working with our chakras and has an online store selling soul-warming teas.


As well as the life experience, Nat has all of the qualifications to support you through your journey, including being a certified Meditation Teacher with Meditation Australia, a Wellness & Mindfulness Coach, Chakra Intuitive and ACT Mindfully Practitioner.


She also teaches meditation classes for Mindfulness Works Australia and local centres on the Central Coast, including Making Meditation Mainstream.


See you in the masterclass!

If you're ready to take control of your stress and want to explore how you can use mindfulness in your daily life, register your FREE seat below:  


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How do I join the masterclass?

Click on "Reserve your online seat now", select the time you wish to join Nat in the masterclass, add your details and you will automatically be sent the zoom link for your specified date. 

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