Creating Calm Through Chaos

6-week mindfulness

& mind-retraining experience


I'm Nat


Nat also teaches meditation with these wonderful organisations:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm

    helping you to feel calm, balanced and focussed where ever the chaos is.

  • Helps you feel happy!

    Helps you feel happy no matter what uncertainty and instability this ongoing Covid crisis has brought to our lives.

  • Clear brain fog

    allowing you to confidently make decisions and maintain focus throughout your busy day

  • Enhance your communication

    Feel confident to express how you are feeling, say no or up hold your boundaries to help maintain longer-lasting and meaningful relationships.

  • Gain clarity and focus

    enabling you to thrive at work, make decisions confidently and surprise your family or colleagues with your increased memory recall ability!

  • Increase Resilience

    Juggling too many balls at once and all this uncertainty reduces our resilience. Increase your ability to adapt to stressful situations like returning to society and how Covid will affect your Christmas.

  • Improve physical health

    So you'll be feeling stronger and more energised to keep up all of your multi-tasking and strive, not just survive.

  • Get a good night's rest

    so that no matter what is going on in your life right now you can get the rest you need.

  • Reduce those back aches and headaches

    Are you getting back aches or tension headaches from all of your stress and being stuck at home on the computer? Time to ease that tension and have you feeling better again.

  • Expand your intuition

    No more missing those gut instinct cues or feeling like life is conspiring against you. Quietening your mind enhances your gift of foresight and allows you to feel in flow and create a life you love!

I recently completed the online course ‘Creating Calm through Chaos’ with Nat. It was honestly the most invaluable course I have ever enrolled in & I would like to highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take control of their mindset in a more positive way.

I feel stronger, calmer & happier as I work through each & every day. Nat has a wealth of experience & also the perfect endearing personality.


I particularly enjoyed the guided meditations & Buddhist philosophies Nat educated us with. It was also lovely to bond with a small group of like-minded women from the comfort of my recliner in my living room.

Thanks Nat - keep up the good work whilst following your passion. You have certainly calmed my monkeymind. 

Kate, Course member

  • There are so many people saying you just need to think positive thoughts! But we all know that's not enough. 

  • A glass of wine helps in the moment, but let's be honest, there's only so much you can drink before it makes you feel anxious again.

  • You can simply just do a meditation ONLY course... but that's not going to help you create calm while you're about to have a difficult conversation with your boss or yell at the kids for the 10th time that day...

  • Imagine if you had the tools at your finger tips so that no matter what chaos you are going through, you could instantly access a sense of calm?

  • I'm trained and experienced in the exact approach that's going to help you find your calm and balance at anytime during your busy day.

You're going to hear the very thing that 
His Holiness the Dalai Lama taught me

when we met in person...


Plus, you'll gain the tools and techniques to help you cultivate a sense of calm and joy throughout your day, no matter what life throws at you with my engaging and inspiring teaching style that includes:

East meets West

Buddhist wisdom backed up with Western psychology to support you in understanding your mind and your symptoms holistically.

My Signature Mindfulness in Action Approach

That you can do during the day to invoke a sense of calm and clarity. without having to find time to sit and meditate.

Traditional Buddhist meditation

To support your emotional and physical wellbeing through traditional Buddhist meditation practices that have been proven for over 2600 years.

Inspiring and thought provoking stories

From how Nat applies these techniques and teachings in her life to help her heal her mind and body.

  • Busy, multi-tasking professionals

    who are determined to bring a sense of balance and calm to the overwhelm and pressures of their day.

  • Those living with chronic illness or disability

    who are tired of feeling that life is chaotic or strained and are ready to turn the table and create a happy and fulfilling life on your terms.

  • Those looking to get in touch with their intuition

    part of our anxiety comes from our monkey mind, part comes from our inability to trust in our own intuition. It's time to settle those nerves and manifest life on your terms.

  • Health care & essential workers

    who are dealing first hand with the stress and pressure of Covid in the community.

  • Mums and dads

    who know the importance of keeping calm while juggling the pressures of having a family during these uncertain times and want to instill that sense of calm throughout their household.

  • Anyone who's looking to make a change in their life

    and learn to be able to cultivate their own sense of calm to be able to handle the chaos of life not only right now, but to enable you to create a happy and fulfilling life on your terms.

Introduction to the Monkey Mind and why we stress

How our body and mind are connected

Get in touch with your thoughts and emotions

Level up and process your emotions so they don't turn to physical ailments

Gain insights into how your speech and behaviour impacts you and others

Learn the secrets to getting a restful night's sleep

And you'll do it with all of these amazing tools to support you

6 Interactive Sessions

Join Nat for these live, engaging and interactive sessions. Share your experiences and seek advice on any challenges or issues you've had since the last session.
I've taken the hard yards of immersing myself in traditional Buddhist wisdom and the best of Western mindfulness and have bottled up the best of both for you to get the most out of this experience. I call it East meets West and it's one of the things that make this experience unique. 


Be motivated by stories that you can relate to your own situations and help 


Sessions are recorded, granting you unlimited access to the content and making it easy to catch up if you miss a session.

Value $1500

And you'll do it with all of these amazing tools to support you

4 Meditation Technique How-to Guides

Access to Guided Meditations

Exclusive access to a Private Facebook Group

Lifetime access to the entire program

A simple, practical workbook with mindfulness tips you can do during your 5 minute tea break including....

  • Your mindfulness tracker - see your progress at a glance and quickly identify where you might need more guidance or support

  • Weekly mind-work sheets - your handy go-to guide for whenever you're feeling out of balance and need a quick refresh on what can make you feel calm and centred. 

  • Reflection questions - spot simple ways to put your new tools and techniques into practice.

  • Inspirational quotes and images to invoke a sense of calm and balance

  • Gratitude journal to tap into the good that's happening in your life and boost your mood

  • Mindful moments guide - so you can take a mindful moment wherever you are, whether you're drinking your morning coffee, or trying to pay attention to another Zoom meeting.

Value $297

4 Meditation Technique How-to Guides

Making it simple and easy to develop a meditation practice so you'll never just be sitting on the cushion and thinking ''wtf do I do now?''


(Best of all .... you can even do them at your desk or on your commute!).


At your fingertips you'll be able to feel calm, centred and regain clarity with a:

  • Mindfulness of Body guide

  • Mindfulness of Breath guide

  • Mindfulness of Feelings guide

  • Mindfulness Speech Blessing Mantra

Value $120

Your personal meditation coach

You're going to get the hand-holding and personalised support from your own personal meditation coach!


Nat will support you in your journey towards meditation and mindfulness, to help you cultivate your own sense of calm and balance, regardless of what obstacles life throws at you.


Nat will be available for you outside of the sessions if you need help with your practice and encouragement to get on the cushion.


Value $1199

Access to Guided Meditations

Access your sense of calm and clarity anywhere, anytime, with the pre-recorded guided meditations available on the SoundCloud app.


Keep building your skills and advancing within your meditation practice until you're ready to guide yourself. Each meditation practice you learn in the course is conveniently available for you to listen to whenever you find some time to sit.

Yours to keep forever!

Value $97

Exclusive access to a Private Facebook Group

Mingle and form relationships with current and past Creating Calm Through Chaos students.
Share your experiences, ask questions and be inspired to make the most out of your experience.  
This support doesn't end at the completion of the course, that's right, Nat knows that you might need some inspiration or support to find your calm and balance into the future so the group will stay open.

Value $447

Lifetime access to the entire program

This is the kind of information that you will want to come back to time and time again, with lifetime access you keep it forever.



Here's a recap of what's included:

  • 6 Interactive Sessions

  • A simple, practical workbook with mindful tips

  • 4 Meditation Technique How-to Guides

  • Personal Meditation Coach

  • Guided Meditations

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

  • BONUS - Your Own Personalised Mantra

  • BONUS - Allow your meditation to flourish

The first 5 people to sign up will receive these bonuses: 

  • BONUS - Meditate like a boss! 

  • BONUS - Tips for being mindful in nature 

  • BONUS - How to do a mindful walk 

Select which payment type you'd prefer:

Pay in full

Total value = $4970

Single payment

3 fornightly payments 

Total value = $4970



3x fortnightly instalments


Seriously...the value of this is ridiculous!

You could pay hundreds for a basic meditation course where you ONLY learn how to sit on the cushion and mediate,

but let's be honest - you're a busy, multi-tasking person who wants to bring mindfulness and that sense of calm into anything you do! So that's not going to help alone.


You could spend thousands of dollars on therapist sessions trying to talk through your problems without finding a solution to help you in the moment.


You could keep spending money frivolously on things like shoes or candles or handbags for a quick pick-me up.


Or you could spend over $100 on the Headspace app and find it's still not helping because you're relying on the app, not yourself to cultivate a sense of calm and balance whenever you want.


You don't have to travel to India and Nepal and visit dozens of monasteries, meet the Dalai Lama and experience mindfulness first hand from Buddhist monks - you're welcome - I'm saving you $1000s on a plane ticket there!


Or you could join me in this six-week mindfulness and mind-retraining experience and learn the tools and techniques to do all of this yourself.


With my Signature Mindfulness in Action approach, developed after years of immersing myself in Buddhist meditation retreats and teachings, it allows you to calm your mind without having to sit on the cushion and meditate every day.


There is a magic in mindfulness that needs to be tried to be understood. 

- Buddhist Monastery

- Playtime

- Meeting the Dalai Lama

Your friends will be wondering... how are you juggling it all and looking so relaxed?

I'm not interested in teaching the latest meditation craze...I care about empowering you with the techniques that will support you in the long term!

Nat's course certainly lives up to it's name as I found my calm through chaos experiencing Nat's patient, informative and compassionate teaching. 


Nat personalises her engagement throughout the course. Even providing me with a beautiful mantra chosen especially for me. 


I now have very valuable tools to support me and put into daily practice during times of stress or anxiety.

- Bronwyn 

Course Member

I completed Nat's 6 week mindfulness course over lockdown. Since doing the course i have been implementing daily meditation and mindful techniques.


Learning these techniques have helped lower my anxiety/overwhelm and over thinking. My fav technique is visualising myself rooting into the earth. I like doing this in the middle of the day in the sun.

I find it very relaxing and it's an easy way i can get my mind to instantly calm down.


The thing i liked about the course (apart from the obvious) is the group interaction on zoom. I found it beneficial discussing what we had done during the week and the break throughs we had.


I highly recommend Nat's course, Nat's Teas and her reiki services.

- Chanteik

Course Member

Mindfulness is the idea of learning how to be fully present and engaged in the moment, aware of your thoughts and feelings without distraction or judgement

This course has helped me become more calm, mindful and thoughtful. It has improved my mindset and helped me appreciate how lucky I am to have met and be mentored by Nat.

Thank you.


Course Member

Nat has expertise in guiding us through a structured routine to meditate. Very encouraging and will definitely continue to meditate and practice mindfulness.

Thanks Nat


Course Member

I have noticed that I am better able to cope with stressful situations and people.

I am better at quietening my mind and have also gained the ability to see the good in all sorts of situations


Course Member

Plus...the first 5 people to sign up will receive these 3 bonuses to nail their mindfulness practices

  • Meditate like a boss!

    You could try just sitting on a cushion and meditating, but why not level up the experience and learn just how the pros (aka monks and yogis) set up their meditation spaces so you can invoke inspiration and calm each time you sit down to meditate.

  • Tips for being mindful in nature

    Learn how to make the most out of your meditation outside amongst nature so that you’re cultivating those calm vibes even faster. Plus, you’ll also learn about the real value nature has on your mind and wellbeing–you’re not going to believe how nature literally conspires to soothe our mind and heal our body! All wrapped up in a succinct 12-minute video tutorial.

  • How to do a Mindful Walk

    Who has time to sit on the cushion every day? Not my clients that’s for sure. So I created this simple 4 minute video to show you exactly how you can turn your mindless walk into a purposeful, grounding walk that leaves you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to bounce into your next task.

This 6 weeks has been so positive for me, changing my thinking and the way I feel about myself, where I fit into the big wide world.


It has also made me accept the things

I can’t change and find ways through meditation and mindfulness to deal with and find peace with them.


Course Member

I really appreciate how Nat shared her journey with meditation and personal challenges and how to address obstacles/barriers to meditation in practical ways.


I’m also grateful for Nat’s warmth and sense of humour and how encouraging and responsive she has been to each of us.


Course Member

I love my new personal mantras as well as the mindfulness in action practices I'll take away.


I’m finding more moments of calm even when others around me have their own anxieties.


Course Member

"I have just completed Nat’s creating calm through chaos course and I just have to say how much it has helped me, especially through these COVID times. My mind has been settled and a sense of peace has been restored. I have continued the meditation on a regular basis and has now become a daily practice. Nat has a caring, thoughtful and knowledgeable way that has made the course something that was looked forward to each week".


Course Member

I recently completed Nat’s Creating Calm Through Chaos–Covid and beyond course and loved it. Having a regular get to together within a group setting, to talk through topics and mediate hugely helped me with my focus and anxiety. It also made me realise that we all struggle the same way and our mental battles are all very similar. It was great to be able to realise that and work through it in a group where we could calm our chaotic mind together.


Nat’s guided mediations are the absolute best. Her voice is so soothing and I really find myself becoming lost in her words, becoming more mindful, grounded and settled during her mediations. If you want to calm an over-thinking mind, be more present and add the benefits of meditation to your daily routine, then I can't recommend Nat’s courses enough.


Course Member

When I started the course Nat seemed so upbeat + cheery I thought she probably hadn't experienced a particularly hard life ! But how wrong I was!

As she shared her journey + recovery - it was quite inspiring - definitely recommend her classes

Wendy, Course Member

See you in the Course!

Here's a recap of what's included:

  • 6 Interactive Sessions

  • A simple, practical workbook with mindful tips

  • 4 Meditation Technique How-to Guides

  • Personal Meditation Coach

  • Guided Meditations

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

  • BONUS - Your Own Personalised Mantra

  • BONUS - Allow your meditation to flourish

The first 5 people to sign up will receive these bonuses: 

  • BONUS - Meditate like a boss! 

  • BONUS - Tips for being mindful in nature 

  • BONUS - How to do a Mindful Walk 

Select which payment type you'd prefer:

Pay in full

Total value = $4970

Single payment

3 fornightly payments 

Total value = $4970


3x fortnightly installments

Please note

Money Back Guarantee

This course has a 100% money back guarantee.


If you HAVE attended all the classes in the 6 weeks and haven't found any value, I will provide a full refund. 



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